Check me out onstage this month!

Shoutout to all my fans & friends! Come check me out onstage in March: 

Bahidora showpics

We had an amazing time last weekend performing at Bahidora Festival in Mexico!
Shoutout to everyone who came to see us live in the blazing HEAT!
D.F. & Monterrey, we'll be back for sure... 
Check some of the pics below: 

MC Melodee x Cookin Soul Show @ Bahidora Festival (Mexico)

My first show in Mexico is taking place Feb 21st on this fresh festival called Bahidora
 Come check me out LIVE onstage together with Cookin Soul!

Interview BBC "The Conversation"

Listen to my interview with the‪ BBC‬ for "The Conversation" (Bbcworld)
Together with DJ Naida I'm talking about what its like to be a female MC in the HipHop scene. 

LINK BBC RADIO BBC World Service radio (09.02.15) at 16.32 GMT